theater in service of

a fundamental, social change in organisation & society

training & projects

Do you want to
* contribute to a fundamental, social change in organisation & society?
* set up an initiative & a learning environment?
* address questions or problems in organisation & society?
* use your theatre skills to make a difference?
* participate in bring about a lasting, fundamental social change?
* contribute beyond self-interest, prejudice and personal benefit?
* develop tools so you can facilitate this change?
* make things possible rather than control them?
* activate and empower people?
* contribute to ‘the whole’?

Do you
* love the theatre and want to consciously apply the theatrical principles to a social change in a organisation or society?


For French information: theater au service d'un changement profond et durable


7 modules of 1 to 2 days each

You bring an organisational or society related question or problem that you want to actively address.

We work on the basis of the initiative that you currently work on or would like to set up to
* raise awareness for and work with what is going on
* use theatre and organization transformation skills
* create a learning environment

The MCat is an excellent way to apply the ideas developed within the tradition of Systems Thinking (including the step to get from ‘basic needs’ to ‘active skills’).
In the modules, we fully focus on working methods, interventions and information that can have an immediate and lasting impact on changes on your own field of work. Through your own project/learning question you learn how to apply these skills.
Obstacles and questions that you meet on the way are used as working material in the modules.

For all modules:
Download PDF theater in service of fundamental social change


What is there to learn

Capacities to
* apply the steps of the creative process to a social context
* convert the acting language to practical and concrete exercises in the field of health care, education, city/council and neighbourhood interventions and / or other working fields
* work from and with the observed facts
* intervene in difficult and deadlock situations such as personalizing information, judging, pushed to cross boundaries, dealing with self-interest
*facilitate people’s release from obligation, control, fear and docility by activating their uniqueness
* create a learning environment in which participants can actively contribute to the desired change
* provide clear steps and guidelines in substantial organizational change.
* take projects out of pattern or loop
* increase Impact of people

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Dates, place & costs

Days and hours
Monday - Tuesday or Thursday and Friday
9.30 am - 1 pm & 2 – 5.30 pm

Dates modules
Module 1 Monday - Tuesday September 17 & 18 2018
Module 2 Monday - Tuesday October 29 & 30 2018
Module 3 Monday - Tuesday December 10 & 11 2018
Module 4 Thursday - Friday January 31 & February 1 2019
Module 5 Thursday - Friday March 14 & 15 2019
Module 6 Friday April 26, 2019 including coaching and intervision sessions
Module 7 Friday May 17, 2018

Costs for the training are € 3250.
For private persons the costs are € 2250.
including 21 % VAT, payable in 7 terms

minimum 8 – maximum 16 participants

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Do you want to join?

Peter Paul Gerbrands & Marjolein Baars
facilitate the modules.

Do you have a question or do you want to apply? please contact:
Marjolein Baars: +31.6.27366462 /
Peter Paul: +31655765902 /

More info about Marjolein Baars & Peter Paul Gerbrands?
Download PDF theater in service of fundamental social change