“The essence of our profession is to give

– to give constantly. What is it that we in the theatre give? Instead of images on canvas, ……we give our bodies, feelings, will, imagination, - we give a form of pulsating art to life itself…..” Michael Chekhov

Michael Chekhov acting technique

The Michael Chekhov acting technique is a practical approach to acting. It establishes a connection is between your body, your imagination, your feeling life and your 'creative individuality'.

We work with tools such as movement, atmosphere, ' inner ' gesture, concentration and intensive ensemble work. These tools are simple, directly applicable and build on each other. They increase your flexibility and playfulness as an actor, the truthfulness of your performance and give your acting depth and stratification. At the same time they give you insight into how creativitye works as a phenomenon and how you can use these laws of the 'creative process' while rehearsing by yourself or in an ensemble, while teaching or directing and while creating a theatre piece. This will give you a clear framework, within which you can work with more confidence, ease and fun.

The Michael Chekhov acting technique is a DIY technique.
No matter how many words you use, it is directly clear and concrete when you experience it.
So be welcome to experience it!


Michael Chekhov acting training


6 Wednesdays, February 17 - June 2, 2021

‘Real inspired acting is never DOING, it is always HAPPENING’ - Michael Chekhov

Using scenes from Midsummer Night Dream by William Shakespeare, we will explore how to use the Michael Chekhov acting technique in order to bring different worlds and characters to life. We improvise with ease, a sense of form, beauty and the whole.
Is your heart in acting and do you want to use theater professionally in your own working field? Be welcome!

February 17, March 10 & 31, April 21, May 12 & June 2, 2021
from 10-13 and 14-17 hours
Location: Amsterdam, Kempenaerstudio.

If a day needs to be postponed because of Corona regulations, we will do so in consultation.
Information & Application: info@tinyhero.nl

Doors of Inspiration

'All true artists, bear within themselves a deeply rooted and often unconscious desire for transformation.'. Michael Chekhov Each individual has to find its own entrance into the World of play. The Michael Chekhov acting tecnique (MCat) offers a full chart of doors that open up the imagination. A powerfull tool in a world where we are flooded by images, where concentration and incorporation of human capacities (walk your talk) are a challange. this technique gives you tools to open the doors of inspiration.

(inter)national training MCat

Micha summer festival 2019

The Chekhov Lab

theatrical research on questions or problems in profession or society

theatre & social change

training in applying MCat in social or civic context

Michael Chekhov - Moscow 1891 - Beverly Hills 1955

‘how’ is the mystery of art; it is the secret of the artist who always knows ‘how’ without any explanation, any proof, any analysis, or psychological abilities

Our business is not the what, it is the how
– Michael Chekhov

Michael Chekhov, the nephew of Anton Chekhov and Stanislavsky’s ‘most brilliant pupil’, was known as one of Russia’s most outstanding and innovative actors and directors, who intrigued his audience with his character interpretations that were extremely alive and imaginative. After his exile from Russia and stays in Germany, France, England, he settled in America, where he continued his pioneering work. Out of his lifelong directing, performing and coaching he distilled his acting technique based on profound understanding of the creative process and the nature of the human being in a lively actors language.

for more information, bibliography and the Michael Chekhov Archive