FoodLab: Cocreation of man and nature

Good Food Soul Food Whole Food is an ongoing research on food and nutrition in the broadest sense of the word.


Good Food

Vital, full of life and life-giving.
What nourishes our body and the earth?
How are they connected?
What can I contribute to the vitality and vitality of body and earth?


Soul Food

Observing as an instrument.
The relation between and the influence of air, water, earth and fire in man and earth
How can you train your own instrument so that you can contribute optimally?


Whole Food

Man and earth
To be
How can we work with nature on what is?


Living Thinking

Good research starts with observarttion and a way of thinking that is alive. When you study nature,you see that aplant shows a process on which we can base a living way of thinking on:


To Feed or to Fill?

Good research starts with observation!
On June24, 25 & 26, 2019 at Herberg Boschoord in the woods of the Lage Vuursche a new research took place: To Feed or to Fill?

In our FoodLab, the Research Team of about 10 artists delved into the theme of Feeding or Filling to discover how they can contribute to good food for people and the planet in the broadest sense of the word. For three days, the Research Team collected observations on the spot.
What essentially nourishes man and earth?
What gives rest, energy, pleasure, movement, balance and inspiration?

Herberg Boschoord was, as it were, the 'cooking pan'; the alchemical pot where all the collected ingredients from the research were brought together. It brought us, again, into being present.

The practical research was completed by presenting the findings and new insights in word, image, movement, sound and/or colour. It was shared with the audience. In addition to a sensual Meal, consisting of cold gazpacho of cucumber and mint, stuffed chickens, fritatta of chard, green herb salad from the garden of Eijkenstijn and elderflower sorbet ice cream with red fruit. There was a living Exhibition of our FoodLab, a tasty and musical ExperienceLab in the woods, on the grounds and in the house. Served by the Research Team and Marianne Aerts of Herberg Boschoord. All in all a Main course that fed us on all levels on 26 June 2019, 6 - 9 pm
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Art Project GFSFWF

In 2017 the art project Food with Fi & Marieke took place at the Biodynamic farm De Zonnegaard.

'How do we get the Earth whole again?'.was the leading question for both Fi and Marieke. Fi explored in her GreenhouseLab through alchemical ways how the phenomena of air, water, earth and fire affect each other, both in human beings as in the Earth. at the same time Marieke examined in her FoodLab how deze phenomena effected people and food. Participants were invited to create and examine these topics with them. All participants were invited to find their own answer and entrance to the question 'How do we get the Earth whole again?' so they could get started.