About the meaning of the theatre - I think it has a social meaning, nothing personal or individual.

If it does not serve a social purpose, it is a great illusion. Many actors think they come to the theatre for their own purposes, and it is like that almost everywhere.
If you ask modern actors why they are on the stage, they will answer, “To act.”
This is a point of view which I cannot accept in my life at all.'

Michael Chekhov

The Citizen Artist

The Citizen Artist is a training track developed by Jessica Cerullo & Marjolein Baars for the MICHA workshop & festival 2017.

Aim of the track is to actively explore the role of theater in life, how to meet the social needs in your own community and how to use your skills as an artist to support change in social fields. To explore the principles of Chekhov's method as they mingle with society and reflect the many facets that comprise the citizen artist: play, performer, self, creative individuality, and society.

We have set the first step in creating a (world wide) practical network for artists through which we can support and inform each other.