about the meaning of the theatre

- I think it has a social meaning, nothing personal or individual. If it does not serve a social purpose, it is a great illusion.
Many actors think they come to the theatre for their own purposes, and it is like that almost everywhere.
If you ask modern actors why they are on the stage, they will answer, “To act.”
This is a point of view which I cannot accept in my life at all.' -
Michael Chekhov

theatrical reality

In order to take the audience on a journey through which they can expierence or understand all levels of performance so the audience can find meaning and inspiration to act themselves, requieres an attitude and discipline of the actor, the ensemble and the way of creating a performance in which the other is the central focus. Therefor the actor needs to develop creative and social skills, a flexible instrument, the ability to open and give life to the story and the performance and a true and deep listening.

If you want to train, create, research, experiment and find ways that can reach the audience on all levels in performance:
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introductionary and advanced (international) training in the Michael Chekhov acting technique


theatrical research for specific topics in profession and society


original and tailor-made theatre productions


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