The world is a stage

and we are all players in it - William Shakespeare


tiny hero PRODUCTIONS creates tailor-made and orgininal work.

Tailor made performance and 'through lines' on congresses, events or 'theme days' in organisations are developped in close co-operation with the client.
It gives the audience the opportunity to experience the content, rather then understanding the content only rationally.

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Musical performance about water and getting stuck on every level
for schools, congresses, festivals

Fi, toilet lady and researcher of Life in life, is confronted with a clogged drain. She dives into the current state of affairs to look for a solution. When it looks like she is getting stuck herself, help comes from unexpected sources.

Comments from the audience:
* Makes you think!
* Very funny, playful and interactive!
* Short and powerful with content.
* Ideal for education and events.

Performance by Marjolein Baars & Suzan Hordijk
duration: approx. 25 minutes
For information & bookings, download PDF: Unplugged!


Tailor made

With a lot of pleasure we create tailor made performances for special occasions. A play, a theatrical miniature and/or a through line of a symposium, stepping stones throughout the day, a fitting goodbye or closure: a 'dramatic' contributions that gives your audience a change to experience and 'move along' with the content or theme you would like to put in the spotlights.


Murder, Madness and Lady Macbeth

In the solo performance ‘Murder, Madness and Lady Macbeth’ we meet an actrice who’s life is taken over by the part that she is playing — the unpopular Lady M — when she falls in love during the rehearsal process. When the reality and the world of “Macbeth” slowly clash, the actresses story starts to look more and more like Lady M’s.

Scenes from Macbeth and the actresses’ daily reality take turns in a performance in which madness and denial are taken over by humor and courage.


Risky Business

Ginger is almost ready preparing her Masterpiece; the World Peace Conference. Tomorrow her dream will come true: all over the world peace demonstrations will take place. And as outer peace is getting nearer, her inner peace is drifting further and further away. Confronted with a fight of life and death, thank God for that, pops up a wise fool, an odd lady!

A performance in which myth and daily reality meet, and humour and hard facts take parts, will be fought for courage and vulnerability, because ‘Sometimes we get what we want, but is what we want, what we really need!’.


The myth of the Indian Goddess Durga and the demon Mahisha is used in RISKY BUSINESS as a thread for the conflict within the main character Ginger. Fascinated by the images and the wisdom of myths ànd the meaning they might have in our daily reality, we looked for a form in which many of us can recognise ourselves. The questions ‘How far can one go?’ and ’What is the value of outer peace if there is no inner peace?’ have been motives to create Risky Business.


The Magical Sword

The demon Mahisha saves the world and humanity over and over again through his incredible deeds. Deep inside, he has one secret wish: to become immortal. One day, after he has performed one of his masterpieces of selfless rescue, he turns to the Gods and tries his luck. The answer is clear: ‘Only the Gods can be immortal‘. To express their gratitude the Gods promise Mahisha that he will become undefeatable by male and masculine power. As time goes by, Mahisha’s selfishness and abuse of power become repulsive. He starts to rule the world the way he pleases. The Gods are desperate, and can not do anything to stop him because they are all male Gods! Secretly they turn to the Goddess of wisdom Devi, to ask her for help.

A performance in which storytelling and acting go hand in hand, and selfishness is defeated by beauty.