‘how’ is the mystery of art

it is the secret of the artist who always knows ‘how' without any explanation, any proof, any analysis, or psychological abilities. Our business is not the what, it is the how - Michael Chekhov


My biggest inspiration comes from things I do not understand and would like to understand.
So I can work with it and contribute to Life.
How does 'it' work? How do I find an accurate answer to a question that comes to me in a specific situation at a specific moment with the people that are in there?
Life itself inspires me all the time. How to make the unvisible visible, and the unpalpable palpable because it plays a crucial part in our life is a versitile source of inspiration too. Sensing in the sense of perceiving and the 'Inner gesture' or 'Psychological Gesture' (PG) in the Michael Chekhov acting technique are the instruments I use in this queste. Clowns and clown logic are an ever lasting source of inspiration in finding ways to investigate or approach BIG, essential issues in life with humor and lightness.
How to contribute to more Love, Life and Meaning in life, motivates me at the deepest level.