Since 2005 I have worked with people with dementia and their caretakers: family members, volunteers and professionals. The aim has been to create a network or 'ensemble' in which all members play together and learn with and from each other by creating a learning envirement.

Podcast about applying the Michael Chekhov acting technique in this field of work
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creating networks

When you have to deal with dementia, it triggers your creativity in a intense way. In yourself, your family, friends and neighbours as well as in the employees of all the organizations you are dealing with (from supermarket to bank to film house).
Dealing with not-knowing and not-remembering does not go effortless. Life itself challenges you to consciously empathize with the other person, to develop compassion and listening on a level beyond words. it invites you to let go of your role, to play with meaning, to make contact from your being: the creative individuality. Dementia calls for a fine tuned ensemble or network, flexibility in responding to your fellow players and the situation in the here and now. Improvisation and acting in service of the whole. A huge challenge to the actor in each one of us!

Since 2005 tiny hero productions has researched the phenomena in dementia in cooperation with De Stichting Koffer.
Out of this a international exchange, a congres "Mind the Gap', the interactive performance Dementia Travels, a solo Black holes & Loose ends It also included several training programmes such as "Enjoy or not (to) Enjoy ', ' From Art to Craft ', ' Turn your Art into Craft' and 'Making Contact in dealing with dementia', developed for people with dementia, family members, volunteers and professionals. It also resulted in a DIY book Making Contact in dealing with dementia and Dementia out of the box.
These pathways are examples of cooperation in healthcare with artists in which the principles of the creative process, both in theatrical form as in daily action, are successfully applied,
For more information see De Stichting Koffer

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