the theatrical application

of the technique

theatrical application of the technique

The Michael Chekhov acting technique is interesting for actors, theatre makers, drama teachers and directors. It gives you tools to deepen your own performance, as well as the ensemble work, as well as the way you can facilitate the creative process in your role of teacher, director or theatre maker.
The ' doors to inspiring acting ' give you the possibilities to fathom complex, dynamic and creative processes on different levels and from different roles and perspectives (student/actor, facilitator/theatre maker or spectator who looks to the whole process). This gives you the opportunity to tune in to the story that wants to be told or the questions that needs to be addressed.


creating a learning envirement

transform questions and obstacles in training, rehearsal or production process to working material and opportunities and facilitate from imagination, joy and ease

creating a performance

applying the technique in the rehearsal process and making a presentation

individual coaching

deepening or bringing your performance, character or text to life, getting out of your head and into your acting and imagination or getting started with specific obstacles or questions